Funded in 2015, HumanSkills-HR looks to establish partnerships and solidify business and professional relationships based on ethics, loyalty, transparency and professionalism.


    In 2016 we developed the international recruitment and selection department. Our goal is to find the right professional for your company taking into account the technical and behavioural skills, the organizational environment and the motivation of the professional.


    We look forward to learning more about your business and team!

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  • Our mission

    And because happy workers make for a happy company, our mission is to support Organisations in managing their most crucial assets – the Human Assets!


    Code of conduct

    Our responsibility is to connect people, internationally and locally. In order to guarantee this objective, we are permanently available, both, to our clients and to the candidates. We believe that we will be able to inspire our employees, customers and candidates to achieve the desired goal. This is a daily concern and we work towards this goal.


    Quality policy

    1. Provide services that meet, and if possible exceed, the requirements and expectations of our clients and candidates;

    2. HumanSkills-HR employees are committed to contributing to the continuous improvement of the quality management system;

    3. We guarantee a personalized service, adjusted to the needs of each client.

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